Frequently Asked Questions

We stream very fast and require up-to-date browsers.

This is a high definition webcast. It's the same resolution as an over the air HD signal. We send a 2 megabit signal to your computer. If you are on a DSL or slower connection, you might not be able to watch in HD.

However, our server will eventually determine that your connection is too slow and will begin to throttle back the speed of the data we are sending to you. When this happens, the picture might appear a little fuzzy or artifacted. In fact, if you are on a connection that is very, very slow, the signal will default to 'audio only' and no picture will be seen.

If your browser is an older or out-dated version, there is a chance that it doesn't understand the modern commands that we send out. In this case, you'll have to upgrade to a newer browser, use another browser on your computer or use another computer.

Modern Iphones, Ipads and Android devices typically all have modern browers and will display the broadcast fine (assuming your internet connection is fast enough)

Webcasts can be purchased as a high definition MP4. The HD file is sent on a USB flash drive. We are not responsible for providing a player that will run on your computer. The MP4 format is an industry standard. You should either be knowledgeable or have technical assistance to assure that you will be able to view the file. Orders are taken only by emailing email Universe Point Productions

Watching Webcasts on your Television Set

There are many ways that you can watch our HD webcasts on your TV. In fact, with a fast enough connection you will see no difference compared to an over the air HD signal.

Apple users and owners of an appleTV device can simply 'throw' the webcast from their Iphone or Ipad using the 'Air Play' feature.

Computer users can obtain converters capable of taking your display and converting it to HDMI and sourcing that to an input on your TV. Some modern TVs can take the signal directly from your computer without an adapter. The computer will need to be close to the TV in either case and this method will require some advance setup. We suggest using one of our 'on-demand' presentations to test.

Re-use of our Productions

Universe Point Productions owns the content of these webcasts. The reuse or republication is prohibited except by news and media organizations who wish to clip highlights and publish or air them. However, the clips cannot exceed 15 seconds and credit must be made to the Universe Point Productions.